ExxonMobil, Tenderd, and German Gulf join forces to launch an online platform for maintenance services!

Press Release Aug 30, 2021

German Gulf and EMA Lubricants Co Ltd (ExxonMobil JV) collaborate to become service providers to Tenderd’s clients

From Left, Arjun Mohan (CEO - Tenderd) and Mark Johnson (CEO - German Gulf) 

“When we think about asset management of heavy equipment, we have to take a three pronged approach. The asset management software, the in-field service teams, and the service products. We are excited to collaborate with Philippe Dupin, GM, EMA Lubricants Co. Ltd - An ExxonMobil JV and marketer of Mobil Lubricants to change the way assets are managed and used in the industry. '' said Arjun Mohan, CEO & Founder of TENDERD.

German-Gulf Enterprises Ltd. is involved in providing technical solutions and services to cater to the needs of several industries, including Construction, Oil & Gas, Aviation, Ship Building, Marine Engineering and Hospitality. Their customers use service products from EMA Lubricants Co Ltd (EMALU), an ExxonMobil Joint Venture which was incorporated in 1984 to market internationally renowned ExxonMobil lubricants, greases and specialty products in the UAE.

With the boom in UAE's development and construction sector over the last decade, there has been a substantial increase in the renting of heavy equipment. With this increase in rentals, equipment owners find it challenging to keep track of their equipment condition and maintenance requirements once on a customer site, leading to more breakdowns.

“Data from the field shows close to 20% of equipment breakdowns happen unexpectedly on-site, resulting in over 10% increased downtime and loss of revenue”

Using its proprietary IoT technologies, Tenderd collects terabytes of data from more than 10,000 machines across the GCC, allowing for invaluable insights into machine behavior, including the relationship between breakdown events and maintenance intervals. Tenderd helps its customers avoid project delays by recommending targeted preventative maintenance based on machine-specific history.

Through Tenderd's maintenance module, reports of customer's equipment history are systematically generated and shared with German Gulf, who then works directly with the customer to create an annual preventative maintenance schedule, using Mobil products which are designed to increase equipment uptime and safeguard a longer life cycle.

Now, any heavy equipment owner or renter can register on Tenderd's Marketplace to make use of  the newly launched preventative maintenance module, as well as many other industry products.

Tenderd is delighted to be collaborating with a key industry player like German Gulf, helping to build momentum around important conversations on topics like equipment life longevity, efficient utilization and tailored tech solutions for industry-critical problems.


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