The first company from the UAE to be selected by the “World Economic Forum” as an Innovation Partner is a startup!

Press Release May 09, 2021

Tenderd joins the World Economic Forum to accelerate their mission to build a sustainable future

The World Economic Forum’s Global Innovators Community is a highly selective group of the world’s most promising startups at the forefront of technological and business advancements that make an impact. Thus, they represent, inform, and influence public and private sector decision-makers by contributing new ideas, perspectives, and innovations that address long-term concerns.

“We are thrilled to be using the UAE as a platform and engage on the global stage with policy and business leaders, to help initiate and guide sustainability and technology initiatives.” said Arjun Mohan, CEO & Founder of TENDERD.

Tenderd is working on the two most important initiatives that include:

  1. Accelerating the Impact of IoT Technologies: for Small & Medium-sized Enterprises.
  2. The Circular Economy Action Agenda for Capital Equipment.

The first pilot for this initiative was in Brazil, where they tested the effectiveness of IoT devices in helping 120 manufacturing SMBs in Brazil improve their profitability, sustainability and efficiency. The project was a resounding success and now being expanded to Colombia, South Africa, Kazakhstan, KSA and Turkey. Tenderd is on the business advisory council for the initiative to offer guidance and support for the planning and execution of the project across these markets.

25% of the global carbon emission comes from Construction. Tenderd’s mission is to address this growing concern by leveraging the data they collect from their IoT technology connected to machines that are registered on their platform. They use their proprietary machine learning models to analyze the data and identify patterns that enable sustainable distribution and utilization of the overall population of machines in the region. The AI technology they have created helps companies in various heavy industries such as construction, manufacturing, logistics, agriculture, etc. to track and regulate emissions to run their equipment more sustainably and increase productivity.

Previously, Tenderd contributed to Circular Economy + Climate industry workshop. Their insights helped to kick-start some important conversations on collaborative circular solutions for net zero industry decarbonization, building momentum behind this important agenda.


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